Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lars Laps JJ Monkey 258, up for Adoption Today!

JJ Monkey # 258 LARS LAPS.

This JJ Monkey is proud of his heritage, his distant family that have been tracked back are heavily involved in European Motor Racing. As you can see its hard for Lars Laps to give up what is in his blood. Lars runs the pits, counts the laps, knows when to change the tyres and watches that checkered flag with his white wall tyre eyes.

Lars is attached to the A 18 Keychain Hook and his measurements are as follows:

Height 4.5 inches (11cm)
Arm span 3 inches (7cm)
Head width 2.5 inches (6cm)

Accessorize with JJ Monkey 258 on the streets where you live.

Each JJ Monkey is original, hand stitched
(100 % Australian Made) and is stamped with a number
that identifies it as being one of a kind

JJ Monkey Australia "Bringing life to your concrete jungle"

To Adopt 258 just email us at we can arrange worldwide delivery.

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