Sunday, November 29, 2009

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Incube8rgallery Adoptions!!!!

Well folks, kids, dogs, cats and all alike. Two of out JJ Monkeys have left Incube8rgallery Fitzroy for a better life. Some where out in the land of Oz there is a happy family. We say thanks to that person or people who stopped by for a closer look at JJ Monkey!

All inquiries are to be forwarded to

Adopt a JJ Monkey today and colour your concrete jungle!

Friday, November 27, 2009

JJ Monkey 433 is an Aquariums delight. An under water coloured candy look alike. He comes attached to the newly sourced fashion key ring, which receives 10 points for security.

#433 is up for adoption today.

Join us as we attempt to colour your concrete jungle.

All inquiries email

Bling, Bling Lucky Bone JJ Monkey 432

#432 is our first Bling, Bling. She is named Lucky Bone. With a new sparkling pair of eyes and fashionable key ring to match. Accessorize with 432 today.

All Adoption inquries are to be forwarded to

Thursday, November 26, 2009

JJ Monkey at Incube8rgallery - Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia

JJ Monkey has finally hit the streets of central Melbourne, Australia.

In store are our Keychain Bag Buddy JJ Monkeys and also various lanyard JJ Monkeys.
Every companion has its own identity and comes stamped with a number that signifies it as being one of a kind.

Adopt one today and help us attempt to colour your nearest concrete jungle!

Store Location:


gallery address

321 smith street
fitzroy VIC 3065
p: 03 8415 0321

gallery hours

tues 11 - 5
wed to sat 11 - 6
sun 12 - 4

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lars Laps JJ Monkey 258, up for Adoption Today!

JJ Monkey # 258 LARS LAPS.

This JJ Monkey is proud of his heritage, his distant family that have been tracked back are heavily involved in European Motor Racing. As you can see its hard for Lars Laps to give up what is in his blood. Lars runs the pits, counts the laps, knows when to change the tyres and watches that checkered flag with his white wall tyre eyes.

Lars is attached to the A 18 Keychain Hook and his measurements are as follows:

Height 4.5 inches (11cm)
Arm span 3 inches (7cm)
Head width 2.5 inches (6cm)

Accessorize with JJ Monkey 258 on the streets where you live.

Each JJ Monkey is original, hand stitched
(100 % Australian Made) and is stamped with a number
that identifies it as being one of a kind

JJ Monkey Australia "Bringing life to your concrete jungle"

To Adopt 258 just email us at we can arrange worldwide delivery.

JJ Monkey 430 Aeronautics

ADOPTED! This little guy lives with a little JJ in Victoria Australia.

Aeronautics is JJ Monkeys second Baby Safe model. From head to waist this Club Cadet flies high above the highways below his waistline. With Red wings that define his mouth he is another of our cute creations. Peering through his hand sewn felt eyes, he declares Safety First. JJ Monkey 430 comes with a plastic adjustable ring that clips onto prams and just about anything. His measurements are as follows

Height 4.5 inches (11cm) Arm span 3 inches (7cm) Head width 2.5 inches (6cm).

To Adopt 430 just email us at we can arrange worldwide delivery.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

JJ Monkey Attachments

Just a quick message, the below attachments are used for our JJ Monkeys. We are continually working on ways to offer new methods. JJ Monkeys can even be adopted with no attaching hardware. If there are any queries just email us at Please tell us where you are from, what age group you are buying for and we shall take it from there. Thanks and all the best whatever you are up to. JJ Monkey - Australia.

The Colours of JJ Monkey

Well here are just some of our very dearest JJ Monkeys.
From Detour Dan to Hipno Star.

JJ Monkey is attempting to colour your nearest concrete jungle,
to take part in this adoption project please email
and ask for James or Jennifer. Have a great day!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Adopted 2009

JJ Monkey 257 is surely the luckiest JJ Monkey in Sydney. Since being adopted by a very special friend Brody Reilly 257 has visited Sydney's Luna park. In correspondence we here that 257 is adjusting to his temporary home in Newcastle at the famous Ronald Mc Donald House.
257 was picked for his interests in Race cars and checkered flags.

Prior to being adopted this Monkey wanted to be part of a Pit Crew for a world famous Formula 1 team. With the imagination of Brody I am sure 257 will live his dream.

Adopted 21/11/2009

First mate 429 is our Back to School Monkey, he comes with a Super Secure Keyring and a survival guide for Big School. Dressed in Blues & Yellow he was custom clothed from head to toe. Enjoy your education 429 and don't forget to have fun with Myles.

Myles mother writes "He's a perfect first mate to accompany Myles to school next year - his favourite colours and well made to survive school".

JJ Monkey 429 has been adopted by the Waciega family in Seven Hills, a bag buddy who will keep watch over their soon to be five year old boy Myles.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our first Bling Bling JJ Monkey.